Little East of Kiel is the village of Hohenfelde, which is annually with its rural Idyll between Baltic beach and forests and the holsteinischen charm of its inhabitants to the host for many natural holidaymakers and holidaymakers from all over Germany.

Between Probstei and Schleswig-Holsteinischer Switzerland is the Hohenfelder beach where the air is still clear and clean.
Hohenfelde is renowned resort, 1500 hours full sun Hohenfelde have been certified by the German weather service. Usually, one blowing fresh sea breeze. Just try how well it does you.

The long, flat sloping beach near Hohenfelde particularly well suited for families with children and is kurtaxe free. Even four-legged friends was envisaged with an own dog beach. It is a secret tip for surf fishing.

In and around Hohenfelde there are many ways sports like golf, tennis, horse riding and squash.
Two small galleries point painting and ceramic artists the environment and the small but fine gastronomy on-site offers regional and down-to-Earth cuisine.

Whom it is but out of peace and Idyll of Hohenfeldes to the great city is not far after Kiel, where every year the Kiel week. Timmendorf the interesting sea life located in Aquarium.
Nearby castle Salzau is built in 1882.


Ostsee Birkenhof